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    • What is ParkingSpacesForRent.com? 
      ParkingSpacesForRent.com is a website dedicated to helping people find a parking space for work or home, or for their boat, recreational vehicle, boat, classic car or just about any type of vehicle. The site supplies a venue for parking lot/facility owners to advertise their space with detailed attributes and pricing. That information is then searchable to users looking for a space, free of charge. Once a user finds a spot available, they just click on the “contact lot owner” to start the process of renting that space.
    • How much does it cost to use?
      It is FREE to use and always will be. Please pass it on.
    • How do I search for a parking space?
      To start your search, simply click here. Once there, you can search by keyword, price range, lot specifics, city and location. If there are no results from your search either there currently is no lot available or your search is to vague or specific. We are trying to spread the word to lot owners out there so please check back often.
    • How do I purchase a parking space?
      To start your search, simply click here, or use the SEARCH button at the top of the page. Once there, you can search by keywordprice rangelot specificscity or location. If there are no results from your search either there currently is no lot available or your search is to vague or specific. We are trying to spread the word to lot owners out there so please check back often.
    • What if there isn’t a space available in my city or town?
      If there is not a space available in your city or town, either a lot owner is not aware of this site or there isn’t a service in your area. Please contact us if you know there is a service in your area and we will try and contact them to make them aware of this site.
  • What if there isn’t a space available in the lot I want?
    If you have found a lot you want with no spaces available, just E-mail the owner to be added to their waiting list.
  • How can I view where a parking lot is located?
    There is a feature available for the lot owner to add their space to aGoogle Map.

F A Q | L o t  O w n e r s

    • How do I get started?
      You will need to register for an account. By filling in some information along with the number of lots you would like to register and for how long will be enough to get you started.
    • How do I pay?
      Once we receive you account information and number of lots you would like to register, we will e-mail you with a link to Pay Pal with the amount you need to pay. If you don’t have a Pay Pal account, you will need to set one up. It is very simple. Once you have an account, you can use the same account for other sites, such as eBay.
    • How do I advertise my parking space on the site?
      Once you have registered, you can simply start adding your lot information to the site will add it to the database. Be as thorough and descriptive as you can, this will make your space more user friendly for Users who are searching by keywords, price, location and more. 

    • How much does it cost to advertise my parking lot/facility?
      We are trying to keep it simple … see the following chart.


    • What if I need to add more lots?
      If you need to add more lots than you have already paid for, pleaseContact Us and we will add the lots you need and send you a new invoice for the difference.

    • How do I edit my account?
      Once you have registered for an account you can log in anytime and edit all your account and lot information. You will also need to manage your spaces once a space becomes available or is rented you will need to log in and edit the lot. Try and keep this as up to date as possible.
    • How do I cancel my account?
      You will just need to send us an e-mail to cancel. We will require 30 days notice.
    • How do I add a Parking Lot to my account?

Simple. Once you are logged in (from the Welcome page), you will see on the left side of the site a button for “Add New Lots”. 

    • Why does my lot need a name?
      The more information the better … but your lot will need a name, any name you want, but if you have more than one lot available, it will help you manage the lots. You can use the address of the lot, or any custom name you want. Remember that there will also be other lots/spaces owned by others in your area and if you just call it Lot A, in may conflict with another lot. You can use the lot address for instance.
    • Can I have more than 1 lot on the site?
      Yes you can, you have as many as you like. 

    • I’ve added a lot, now what do I do?
      Once you have added a lot, you will need to add the number and type of spaces available in that lot. Things like how many spaces are in that lot, the types of vehicles allowed in the lot (small, medium or large vehicles, seasonal or monthly, recreational vehicles, or if the lot is above, under or on ground surface, if it has lights, electrical or security, and of course, how much your spaces are for that lot. Again, please try and be as descriptive as possible. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    • What if my lot is above or below ground?
      We have given you the ability to be as descriptive as possible when it comes to describing the spaces in your lot/facility.
    • Why do I have to add a description to my lot?
      The description is what the User will read when searching. If you lot is “close to downtown” or “near a stadium” or service, it may help the decision of the User to buy space from you.
    • How do add the number of stalls I have in my lot?
      Once you have started entering your “lot information”, you will see a field for “3 of spaces”. In this field, enter the number of all spaces in the lot or facility, even if they are rented as you will be asked later in the process how many spaces are available in your lot or facility.
    • What are stall types?
      Stall types are a description of a stall in your lot or facility. If a space is just for boats, or for other recreational vehicle. If the space is for daytime monthly parking, etc. Your lot may not allow large vehicles because of access to the lot. Also it helps the Users search for particular needs.
    • How do I add a price per stall?
      Once you have added a stall, you can associate a price with that stall. If the stall has an electrical plug in you can charge more for that than one that doesn’t.

  • How do I keep track of empty stalls or purchased stalls in my lot?
    When you are entering in the number of spaces available, you will be asked how many spaces are available. If you have 5 of 10 spaces available and someone either rents or stops renting from you you will need to edit that lot info and either reduce or increase the number of available spaces in your lot.
  • How do I delete a lot, or price or other details in my lot?
    You will notice in the process a DELETE button at the far right edge of your lot details. You can delete any row of information you need to. REMEMBER to be sure you are deleting the appropriate information. It is not “undoable”.

    ASK A QUESTION … if there is more questions that aren’t available here, please contact us.

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