What is ParkingSpacesForRent.com?

ParkingSpacesForRent.com is a directory based website dedicated to helping people find a parking and storage.

Whether it is a space for work or home, recreational vehicle, boat, classic car or just about any type of vehicle.

The site supplies a venue for parking lot/facility owners to advertise their space with detailed attributes and pricing.

That information is then searchable to users looking for a space, free of charge. Once a user finds a spot available, they just click on the “contact lot owner” to start the process of renting that space.

How do I get started?

You will need to register for an account. By filling in some information along with the number of lots you would like to register and for how long will be enough to get you started.

How can I view where a parking lot is located?

Use the map on the page to search or once you have searched and found a location, the map at the top of the page will show you where it is.

You can use the controls located at the lower right area of the map to zoom in and out. Clicking and dragging on the map will move the map around. If it doesn't scroll, click the lock icon on the right edge of the map.

What if there isn’t a space available in the lot I want?

If you have found a lot you want with no spaces available, just E-mail the owner to be added to their waiting list.

How do I purchase a parking space?

How many spaces or lots do you own?

We don't own any. Our business is this website that helps connect people looking for parking or storage.

How do I search for a parking space?

To start your search, simply click here. Once there, you can search by keyword, price range, lot specifics, city and location. If there are no results from your search either there currently is no lot available or your search is to vague or specific.

We are trying to spread the word to lot owners out there so please check back often.

There are no places in my area.

The map is set to geo-locate to your current location. You may need to expand your search or search in another town or city close to you.

There may also be not places on your area on our system. If you know of one that should be on our website, either let us know or let them know about us.


Why won;t the map scroll?

If you are not able to move the map around, look to the far right of the map. There is a lock icon there, toggle it between locked or unlocked.

How much does it cost to use?

If you are using this site to find parking or vehicle storage, then it is FREE to use. If you are looking to add your parking or storage to our site, please refer to the seller FAQ section.

Does it cost to list my space(s)?

Yes, as a seller of spaces it does. We only charge per lot or facility. If you have a lot with 100 spaces it costs you the same as if you have 1 lot or facility with 10 spots.

ParkingSpacesForRent.com only charges $120 per year. That is $10 per month.

We've priced our service to be affordable for all.

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